I dedicate this magnificent rendition of “Begin Again” to all my friends. Don’t let anything that happened past hold you back from the future God has for you. Begin again!

The group that performs in this video, the Piano Guys, has an interesting background. According to Wikipedia:

“Members of The Piano Guys are all middle-aged family men who had other careers before the group gained popularity. Schmidt had a solo musical career with eight albums and seven piano books to his credit. Nelson owned a real estate agency, Anderson owned a piano store, and van der Beek operated a recording studio in his home. After signing with Sony in 2012, all four quit their jobs to pursue their joint musical career.

All four are devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Each of them served full-time proselyting missions: Anderson in Washington state, Schmidt in Norway, and Nelson and van der Beek in separate missions in Korea. The group prays together before each recording session, video shoot, concert, and songwriting session.”