This “30 days of distancing” period invoked by President Trump and the Covid-19 team has given us all the opportunity to ponder the deeper, underlying issues of life. Some us have fostered conspiracy theories, whether they be related to the origin of the virus, the nature of the virus, what our political enemies are trying to do because of the virus and how our future will be post-pandemic.

It is the ladder that has me most concerned. Where will we go from here?

First, let me affirm that I fully support the 30 Day Presidential initiative. It is a wise move, made in the “multitude of counsel” that has played a key role in blunting the curve and slowing the spread of this invisible enemy. But beyond the 30 days, then what?

Peering at Sharks Through the Glass

One of the most disturbing aspects of this crisis has been the raging media and no-holds-barred criticism leveled by political opponents against the efforts of the administration. While any objective person can observe that what has transpired under president the leadership of President Trump and Vice-president Pence is unprecedented and transformational beyond anything we have seen in our lifetime, the media and Democratic leadership has sought from day one to denigrate the man and minimize the accomplishments of his task force.

The vitriol of political hate-speech has reached a new level. It is shocking, to say the least.

Progressive Predators

Like sharks who taste blood in the water, the progressive forces in our country are circling with an ever increasing frenzy. Why the intensity? Because they see in this pandemic a golden opportunity to make a power move in the direction of their pet form of government: socialism. Make no mistake, the sharks are hungry.

Like sharks who taste blood in the water, the progressive forces in our country are circling with an ever increasing frenzy.

Fortunately, these daunting, ravenous predators are on the other side of a protective shield of thick glass provided by God in the form of Donald Trump and company.

The job President Trump and his task-force has done, in bringing together the private and public sector, mobilizing the military, and working with governors on both side of the aisle, completely overhauling the broken, delapidated bio-response system he inherited, has been nothing short of phenomenal. Giving the governors and local authorities the room to make on-the-ground decisions for their respective states and locales is a reflection of the President’s strong Constitutional commitment to Federalism.

 The Cushion That Saved Us

In his first three years in office President Trump gave us the strongest economy in US history, restored our near-bankrupt military with an investment of nearly 2 trillion dollars and oversaw a stock market explosion that added trillions of dollars to national piggy bank. Had it not been for these three super-productive years, the present Covid-19 pandemic would have already forced us into a decade long depression similar to the 1930’s.

But, much to the dismay of political leaders on the left, we are still alive and kicking, thanks to Trump. And while there are no guarantees on how this is all going to turn out, you can rest assured that the Democratic party, aided by their friends, the Mainstream Media Mob, will not stop kicking, biting, screaming, clawing and attacking the president. Attack. Attack. Attack. This is their strategy. Their wildest dreams would come true if the US economy collapsed just as we approach the November elections.

As we can all observe, The House of Representatives has done nothing but hold hearings since the 2018 mid-terms. The Senate has been tied to the waist with the House. Neither are meeting as a group during this period of social distancing. The Supreme Court is out of session due to the pandemic. This leaves the Executive Branch to spearhead the effort and take the lead. Thankfully we have a “get it done” leader in the White House who respects the Constitution, believes in American exceptionalism and honors God.

 What If the Tables Were Turned?

If the tables were turned, and a Progressive leader were in the White House, we would be looking at a completely different outcome. A stern, centralized  “one size fits all” approach would certainly be implemented. Christians and lovers of liberty would be fair game. This pandemic would provide all the justification needed to shut them down indefinitely, all in the name of the “protective” state.

Why would they target Christians? Because it is the Christians who brought the country Donald Trump, the pro-life movement, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, the NRA, the traditional marriage stance, home-school, conservative punditry and every obstacle that stands in their way.

Thankfully, the sharks are behind the glass, where they belong. If they were to get out, our country would be Venezuela in no time.

A clearly exhausted president gives an Easter address from the Oval Office featuring a devotional from Bishop Harry Jackson, a Pentecostal statesman from Maryland who gives a powerful, short exhortation and prayer.