America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We must stand now or we will not have that moniker anymore. As far as Australia goes, and as far as New Zealand goes, it didn’t take much for the lockdowns to happen there. New Zealand locked down the entire country over one case. Australia has definitely reacted very strongly along the same line.

If Godzilla Was Marching

If Godzilla was marching through the cities and tearing down buildings and killing people, then everyone would be running into their houses in their basements to hide. But COVID is not Godzilla. It’s a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate. A virus that is actually weakening in spite of what people are telling you.

Ironically, many of the immunologists are saying that a one-size-fits-all vaccination of everybody approach would force the virus to become a monster virus. Is that what they’re trying to do by forcing everybody get vaccinated? Is that what they wanna do? Trim down the world population? You tell me, because the quickest way to do that is to force vaccination on everybody.

We will all be attacked by germs every day of our lives but our bodies will fight them off if we are healthy. And God has given us a tremendous ability to memorize the previous attacks so that when they come again we will fight them off, no problem. That is what’s making me so confident at this present time. 18 months ago I got Covid and I thought through it and I recovered after about three weeks. I have not had a sniffle since. I am 65 years old and therefore I should’ve been someone who worries about what this virus would do to me. But I survived. There are many many others who have done the same thing.

Perhaps there are those who are so at-risk that they would have to weigh the odds of whether it’s better to get the vaccine and suffer the consequences or not take the vaccine and suffer the risk. That’s their choice.

Venturing Into An Unnecessary Risk

But for the vast multitude of people, the so-called “vaccine” is not the right choice, in my opinion. It is venturing into a risk it’s not even necessary because they have healthy, God-given immune systems that will fight this virus off. That’s if they even get any symptoms at all. Fauci and his band of “know-it- all’s” think they know more than God. They don’t.

I guess the question, as expressed in this post, is: what’s more important? Freedom, or rolling over to government mandates? Is government supposed to protect us? Or is that God’s job? Because if we decide it’s government job, it will never end. Government will move into every area of our lives and become the God replacement. That’s where this is headed. It must stop now.

If in fact government is our protector, then what are they protecting us from? An invisible virus? Those who cannot work and must stay home for weeks at a time in Australia, construction crews who no longer can get paid or build anything, they’re not being protected. Their right to work has been muscled away from them by force.

But the government bio-bureaucrats think that they are in charge and must protect the people by force from an invisible virus that threatens to get them sick. At what cost? At the cost of a happy life? At the cost of our well-being? At the risk of an increase in suicides and depression and drug addiction. Permanent job loss? Businesses that will never recover? The complete erasure of the middle class? That sounds like a good Marxist goal to me.

My question is: what’s wrong with this picture? Where have all the heroes gone? What has society come to? Do we really think that crawling into our homes and hiding is going to save us? And save us from what? What a noble enemy this little virus is. It gets so much attention. You would think it WAS Godzilla.

This whole thing is being driven by fear, imposed by government officials. Those in the medical profession who object are being silenced. What does that tell you?

I think we can all agree that COVID-19 is not Ebola. It’s not Cholera. It’s not even the plague that wiped out Europe in the olden days. It’s a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate. We have so many good therapeutics that can stop it dead in its tracks. Of course, we’re being told that we don’t which is because the people at the top want to make their money. But those therapeutics are available and they can be used and they will work. But like anything else, people have to avail themselves of them. It’s kind of like the gospel: Jesus died for everybody but only those who draw upon what he did at the cross will be saved. A great multitude will be blinded and never believe that Jesus did anything for them. Because they follow a false narrative.

COVID also specifically targets the very elderly who have pre-existing conditions. Methinks that to shut down the country or to shut down people’s liberties over the fear of such a virus, is nonsensical. As our 32nd President FDR said: “The only thing to fear is fear itself!”

In America, we gave it a shot. (no pun intended.) 18 months ago we shut down everything for two weeks to “flatten the curve“. Then that two weeks grew in the many months. Pretty much destroyed the greatest economy on earth. Now we’re on the come back. (Well, we were, until Biden came into office. But I digress.) I think we’ve heard this “shut down” song before and we’re not willing to sing it again.

Fool me once: shame on you— fool me twice, shame on me.

This whole thing is being driven by fear, imposed by government officials. Those in the medical profession who object are being silenced. What does that tell you?

There’s a battle going on and that battle is between the people and the state. This is happening in France, England, countries all over the world. I marvel at what’s happening in Australia, not only because of the totalitarian approach that the government is taking, but at the passive attitude so many Australians are taking. There are some that are standing up and I applaud them. But I frankly am amazed at the “fold like a wet napkin” attitude so many Aussies seem to be having right now. It makes me think that you folks don’t understand what’s really going on here. You don’t realize what’s really at stake. Don’t you see that your country is falling to totalitarian bio-communism? That this is just the beginning? That the more of your freedoms you give them, the more they will take?