To all the weary Patriots and Truth LOVERS: Let Hope Arise!

In my last blog, I wrote about the “Gray Champion”–the wise that Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote about, who would step out of the shadows and point the way and save the Republic. I listed Gregg Phillips alongside Donald Trump as the foremost Gray Champions of this Fourth Turning.

In two weeks we will see why Gregg made the list. This man is sent of God to save our Republic. It just so happens that he is a devout Christian who has been fully armed with the skill and expertise to carry out this phenomenal role of slitting the throat of the serpent that is strangling America. I am posting the clip below that tells the story. WATCH IT! Here is what I posted on Truth Social this morning when I posted the clip there:

This is mind-blowing. As I posted on Truth Social this morning: OK TRUTH LOVERS and FRUSTRATED PATRIOTS! In two weeks the ACE OF SPADES (completing the Royal Flush) is going to drop. The REVELATION is going to be BIBLICAL. Patriot and “Gray Champion” Gregg Phillips (of 2000 Mules Fame) explains in this short clip. 10X more powerful than 2000 Mules. “Everything everyone has suspected will be proven true.”

May God God Bless America and keep all of us in His Mighty Grip in these trying times. And may the TRUTH prevail!

Video: Gray Champion Gregg Phillips explains the Pit Stop: “It will be Biblical”