History doesn’t always repeat exactly, but it tends to rhyme.

It was the preaching of George Whitefield in the First Great Awakening that lit the fires of revival, preparing the ground for the American Revolution. Without this revival, there would have been no 1776.

Only 3% of the colonists stood up and spoke out to resist the tyranny of King George while the other 97% either supported the King, sat back in fear or simply chose to be spectators.

In the Second Great Awakening, Charles Finney’s preaching moved like a wildfire across America, proclaiming evangelical conversion to a dead, religious church and speaking out boldly against slavery. Like the prophets of old, his ministry wasn’t received well by religious folk. But that didn’t stop him.

God always raises up fiery preachers to announce what he is doing, like John the Baptist, who Jesus called “the greatest man born of a woman.” (John was imprisoned and beheaded, by the way.)

Today, as we enter into the first stages of the Third Great Awakening, God is raising up a remnant, those who are standing up and speaking out. Pastor Greg Locke is one of those fiery voices. His POWERFUL, MUST WATCH 21-minute sermon at the ReAwaken America Conference in San Antonio last week was a clarion call.