In his powerful new Bestseller, “Dark Agenda,” David Horowitz exposes the hard left’s agenda to take down Christian America.

Horowitz coinsiders himself an agnostic. But this doen not restrain him from speaking truth to power in this blockbusting book.

“The most important freedom we have–and it actually begins with religious liberty–is freedom of conscience. If they delegitimize your conscience and silence you so that you can’t speak, you can’t defend any of your freedoms.”  (David Horowitz)

In articulating the agenda of the radical left David Horowitz speaks with authority because from 1956 to 1975, he was an outspoken adherent of the New Left. He later rejected progressive and Marxist ideas and became a defender of conservativism.

This book is MUST READING for any concerned American. It is available on Amazon or Audible.

“It’s the sin of pride in the heart of every leftist has inside them, and the belief that they can create a new world where there is “social justice” peace and paradise on earth. It’s about perfection. Modern Progressives believe that if you are ‘politically correct’ or if the government can force you to be politically correct, we can create paradise on earth.”