“Revolution” by K.T. McFarland is a robust account of Washington politics as seen from a National Security veteran who has served several presidents over the course of nearly 40 years. She began her foray in politics as an assistant to Henry Kissinger, worked as a key player under Reagan and ended her run serving on the National Security team under President Trump.

Having the wisdom and insight to see what was happening in and to our country, she hopped aboard the Trump Train because she knew instinctively that this man understood what was going on. Unfortunately, she found herself serving alongside newly appointed National Security Advisor General Flynn, who had the misfortune of being in the crosshairs of the “Crossfire Hurricane” scandal: the attempted coup of Trump’s administration by our the CIA, FBI and Deep State operatives. Before Flynn had a chance to even get started, he was out of the picture. McFarland lasted about three months into the new administration and when the newly installed Flynn replacement General McMaster came aboard, he replaced her with one of his own staff.

K.T. was appointed ambassador to Singapore and would have played a key role in that position, forwarding the interests of the US throughout Asia. But the Democrats, led by “Sparticus” Cory Booker, were intent on wreaking all the havoc they could to the newly formed Trump administration, and stonewalled her appointment. She decided enough was enough of swamp politics, and withdrew her nomination, choosing instead to spend the next couple of years in beautiful Scotland with friends.

“Revolution” tells the story of McFarland’s political pilgrimage over the years and her transformation from a neo-con inside to a populist Trump supporter. Her account is honest, transparent, non-vindictive (like so many of the “tell all” books that emerge from the Beltway), and packed full of wise insights and analysis. It comes across classy, because she clearly is a classy, patriotic American. She tells it as she sees it, and she sees a great deal.

She gives a realistic account of the turbulence of the early days in the Trump administration, not stooping to attack others or make statements for sensational effect.  But it is clear that the Mueller investigation (which was proven later to be a partisan witch-hunt) really inflicted a great deal of financial and emotional damage to innocent people who had to lawyer up, innocent or not. K.T. McFarland was one of those people. In the book, she handles the whole situation with class. What a trooper!

Her China insights are remarkable. They are gleaned from real life encounters with Chinese leaders. Few people have sat where she sat and heard what she heard. There is so much to glean in the reading of this book. The China sections alone make this book invaluable.

My favorite chapter is “Why America is and Remains Exceptional.” After laying out an impressive list of traits describing America’s exceptionalism, she unveils the real secret to our success as Americans: our ability to re-invent ourselves.

A former mentor, Henry A. Kissinger, Former Secretary of State, writes:

“KT McFarland has been at the center of Republican foreign policymaking for decades, starting in the 1970s when she first worked on the National Security Council, continuing through the Reagan Administration, Fox News, and then as President Trump’s first Deputy National Security Advisor. Well written and perceptively argued, Revolution provides interesting insights into the beginning stages of Trump’s foreign policy and the reasoning behind it.”

This was a great, informative, inspiring read!