In my previous post, I introduced a clip of Lara Logan, weighing in on the Ukraine conflict. A couple of days later, the FULL INTERVIEW Lara had with the “Flyover Conservatives” podcast was released.

I just finished listening to it and I was frankly BLOWN AWAY.  So much great content and so much practical wisdom!

I just have to pass it on to you with my highest recommendation.

An Hour Well Invested

I realize time is important to all of us, and to dedicate an hour to a video interview can be a big commitment in our world of 3-minute sound bites. But once in a while an interview comes along that is so substantive and engaging that it is well worth the time investment. This is one of those interviews!

There is nothing shallow or superficial about this woman. She has served as a journalist in the “eye of the storm” in conflicts all over the world spanning three decades, handling assignments for all the major news networks. Originally from South Africa, now residing in Fredericksburg Texas, Lara Logan is the real deal:  full of wisdom. Sit down, take the time to listen to this. You will be glad you did. I promise!